any one that already had a bbl done by did it go and can u post pic?

  • Raleigh, nc
  • 2 years ago

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Hi Monique, here's a list of reviews for Dr. Jimerson. Take a look through them, I'm sure the ladies will be happy to talk to you about their procedures.

@mrsclarke thanks for responding back and yea Dr.jimerson work is great! When were u thinking about getting ur bbl done?

Haven't had it yet, but I'm planning on using him. But if you put his name in the search bar other girls will come up who have used him, and his profile has reviews and pics of befores and afters. I haven't seen anyone disappointed in his work yet. They just say its hard to get in touch with the office. I was sold by his website, it gives a lot of before and afters with the cc amount, fat transfers and implants.