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When are you allowed to use your stomach muscles?

  • mom23monkeys
  • 3 years ago

Hi girls - can you tell me when you are allowed to use your stomach muscles after a TT?  I think I'm confused about what the overall goal of a compression garment it to keep you from using your muscles or to help when you do??? Thanks!

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Thanks Kimmers! Yeah I get actual ab work (ie: core, crunches, etc) shouldn't be done until later. In fact, my PS doesn't recommend doing much ab work at all. Course he's the same with chest exercises (after a BA).

But I was thinking more like just using them in to sit up, bend over, reach stuff, stretch, etc. Are you supposed to avoid using your muscles all together or gently use them? I see some women talking about using upper body strength for most things in the first week or so and was just curious as to when you actually start engaging your abs muscles to help you with those daily tasks?
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Oh got it:)  

Well let's just say your body will let you know..LOL 

I started trying to use them with normal daily activity at about a month post op.  And when my body would scream at me because of the pain I would back off. 

I was not able to sit up in bed on my own or sneeze without pain for about 4-5 months.  It's amazing how you use your core for everything and don't even realize it until you can't use it. 

Basically I was told not to lift anything over 10 pounds for the first 6 weeks.  From there I let my body be my guide.  I would not push it too hard for a while.  I was thrilled the day I was able to stand up straight without any back pain or strain.

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Each doctor is different as to when they allow this to happen. 

Personally my doctor did not allow any ab work for the first 6 months post op.  He then asked me to go easy for the next 6 months.

I waited the 6 months before doing anything but I can tell you it hurt even at that point.  When you start back go slow and listen to your body.  If it hurts stop and do less reps or modify the move. 

I had my personal trainer start me on a modified ab program and that really helped.  I assure you that I was very cautious starting back. 

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