What can be done to alleviate the symptoms of Botox side effects??? Dizziness, extreme fatigue - please help!

  • Olivier1
  • 2 years ago

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One of the reason that you get dizzy in the first place is because the tension caused by the shots sits exactly where your first cervical vertebrae is, the atlas. And it can cause it to be moved...which affects your balance!! So, I have been having my chiropractor adjust my atlas whenever it gets forced out from the tension, and I chew GingerTrips, which are as strong as Bonine for air/seasickness!! You could also take Bonine for the dizziness, and get yourself a pair of seabands...the acupressure bands for seasickness!
Good luck!

Thank you very much, I did think of doing a cleanse and green yea's a good idea. I haven't been able to exercise for over a month as just too exhausted and it really worries me. I feel so tired and just have no energy though my glands at down now. I too when for blood tests and was on a course of strong antibiotics as just had no idea what was wrong with me util I read this thread.

Unfortunately it seems often times it has to be waited out, and generally works through most people's systems in 3-4 months. That being said other community members have said that exercise, drinking lots of water, and green tea have helped expedite the process.

I hope you these symptoms are relieved as quick as possible for you.