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Allergy to juvederm possible?

  • cmb1
  • los altos, ca
  • 4 years ago

I had juvederm in my tear troughs 8 weeks ago. 2 weeks post juvederm, I had raised bumps under both eyes shaped like the nike swoosh, went for a 2d opinion and got some hyaluronidase to bring the swelling down.

Now the juvederm seems to be resolving nicely, but I have recently felt like I have nasal swelling and have had some swelling in my upper eyelids in the am. Is it possible that the nasal and upper lid symptoms could relate back to the juvederm last put in 8 weeks ago or the hyaluronidase last put in 3 weeks ago? I know a juvederm allergy is rare, but what are the symptoms?

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Hi cmb, A true allergy to Juvederm or hyaluronic acid results in an immediate swelling and redness in the area of the injection. I have seen this in one patient since the product has been used in our practice. You can test for an allergy to the product by having a tiny amount injected into your forearm. Most likely your symptoms are related to Juvederm, which can sometimes be too robust in the delicate lower eye lid area. In the future, only have Restylane injected in this area. Good luck, be well, and I hope that your symptoms resolve very soon. Dr. P