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Allergies improved by Botox.

  • taylor_sherry
  • 6 months ago

I also have allergies, consistent of watery eyes and constant drainage that improved with Botox. Once I started getting Botox injections (this is only my 2nd time), I notice both the watery eyes and runny nose went away for approximately 3 months. When the Botox started wearing off the first time, I gradually regained the watery eyes and nasal drainage. I just received a 2nd set of injections, so I will update you.

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Ever since I had botox it seems one thing after the other. The first 3 weeks headaches, eye pain, dizziness etc.. then 3 weeks later I developed an ear pain which wasn't botox related as the ear pain has not gone then 1 week later a rash on arms and legs (not hives) more of a sunburn rash but only after a hot shower and now I've noticed red raised bumps that don't pain at the back of my tongue. Hoping its not botox related but ever since I've had botox its one thing after the other. Not sure If I had an allergic reaction as also developed swollen eyelids 3 days after botox but I've only had the other symptoms weeks after the botox.
Yea, do update us. I feel happy to see people benefiting from the botox injections. These injections are very helpful and long lasting. I got mine from Lewis Pain and they have proved to be a boon for my back pain.