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Allergic reaction to day cream (swelling + broken capillaries)

  • y_j
  • 1 year ago

hello, i'm new here and wondering if someone can help me. i used a day cream from Nuxe twice during the past weekend--the 2nd time i noticed that my skin was quite dry and i had developed a rash. i stopped using it immediately. i was in pain, but the day after my face swelled up and i noticed broken capillaries (some looking like little scratches surface). my skin is still inflamed, and a little swollen. i have been avoiding the sun, taking an antihestimine every day, and just using avene spring thermal water and avene recovery cream to help it calm down. i'm also dabbing cotton balls soaked in cold chamomile tea on the skin when i can. i'm really scared about the broken capillaries. will they fade once my skin calms down, or is the damage permanent. is there something else i should do? i don't even know if this is a common reaction to a rash--it's quite troubling and i'm trying hard not to panic! just a general note about my skin: generally good, but quite sensitive and sometimes a little thin (i did have two broken capillaries on my left cheek, but i've had that since i was little)...please, i'd appreciate any advice at all! thanks!