HAVE YOU ALL USED MED CHOICE FINANCIAL,and or MedicalFinancing.com to pay for your TUMMY TUCK?

  • DominicanaNYCNJRedhead
  • 2 years ago

Hola Chica's and Gents! Now, i have notice in the wonderful forum here, no thread/topics on discussion of"who  finance"people who have limited,means of income/bad to poor or moderate/fair credit score(s)and i hope ALL who got approve blessfully with the listing below,Do share in this here thread for others,to benefit,feasibly to have the body we ALWAYS wanted, as i was JUST approve was not even thinking i would be,with law(studies)college in 30's,future law school $ applications,and stuff like that,credit drop bad in 07. But i just got approve u guys for the ENTIRE work i am looking to have done even with a score LISTED below,and paying some down.READ ON,and PLEASE if your one who was approve by the companies below,DO TELL US so others can know they have a shot at being approved,with problem credit for LIPO,tummy tuck etc.   *  Let us all share HOW we were blessed to utilize the MedChoice Financial,or CARE CREDIT,MedicalFinancing etc. I think this topic/thread, will help others, so many women/men  who are attempting to have HELP with FINALLY getting the DREAMBODY(or close to it LOLthey always wanted,even with issue(s)of such credit,thank you! Hoping so many others will be    able to finance their"new body!"well worth it,even if i am paying MOST of mine in cash if warranted,but i am NOW learning today; i am APPROVE!(for financing my sexi flat tummy,flanks/lipo AND brazilian butt lift with my own fat, i can't wait.My DR.confirm it. I was SO happy! Only cause i was just about the end of april or may to pay just CASH,that i was bless to save tax return and i won a SMALL lottery!($ 575.00 small win, and bigger a $2300..)in march!   When i apply with the companies above honestly my credit was/is low.but i guess i was somehow still qualifying with dr.help who call for me.   CREDIT SCORE currently when i apply online was just 575  STILL APPROVE for financing my plastic surgery i can't wait to get this all done. i am so happy!   Now i might only have to pay for which i have save,thousands,but only have to pay not even 1/2 down!   WHO FINANCE YOUR SURGERY WHAT COMPANY,ANY OF THE ONES LISTED ABOVE,PLEASE SHARE,IN HOPES ALL OTHERS HERE can benefit as we all are from such blessed-financing,even with a low credit or fair credit score,GRACIA.