All Over Lipo: Has Anyone Had Hip or Ankle Lipo?

  • mommy_to_7
  • Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • 1 year ago

I know I ask a lot of questions but I wanted to know if anyone who went to D.R. had hip to ankle lipo. I have cankles really bad and I want them gone asap!

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Hey there,

I haven't heard of anyone having ankle lipo, but I'm sure they'll come share their advice if they have. It's somewhere I would never have assumed to get Liposuction!

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lol me either until I hit up my friend Mr.Google lol That's how I found out that it's done. Yily said she would do it so i guess it's okay
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Why not, right? If you're going to be there you might as well get the fat sucked out of everywhere you can! lol!

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