Hi all,hoping for some feedback.Had traditional lower bleph with pinch 3 weeks ago.

  • james uk
  • 2 years ago

I am concerned that the eye bags are still there,especially my right.Have been to see my PSĀ  and he assured me that it was just swelling,not so sure .Keep hearing that you have to be patient easier said than done.Has anyone been through the same and got better.Thanks

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Hi everyone,well this is me at my 2 month mark for lower bleph.Feel very low as was hoping my remaining eyebags would have gone by now, i actually feel that they are getting worse.At my last meeting with PS he said that they should be gone but if not he will try fat transfer.Has anyone had this after lower bleph and did it help.
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I had a lower bleph w/ skin excised too 4 weeks ago. I see you got the rolls like mine where the incisions were. They were the results of the scars tissues forming as the skin heals. Yep I got the bulges too underneath but with a lot more bruisings. All that went away. Now I'm left with the rolls & some redness & a bit of wrinkling skin there. You can see my pics I posted
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