Ali Wentworth's video diaries about her blepharoplasty

  • 11 months ago

Comedian Ali Wentworth had a lower bleph  and was very open about the whole procedure, she even recorded a series of vlogs (video blogs) about the whole process for Babble.  It looks like she had an upper bleph too from the post-op videos.  What do you think?
Check them out here!
Video 1: Ali Wentworth asks: Should I get Plastic Surgery

Video 2: It's Cosmetic Surgery, Not Some 1950's Illegal Abortion

Video 3: My Surgery Isn't About Society's Standards, It's About My Own

Video 4: Infectious diseases? Ali Considers Possible Surgery Complications

Video 5: Ali Wentworth Goes Under the Knife

Video 6: Eyes Wide Shut: Ali's Post-Op Aftermath

Video 7: 24 Hours Later: Off the Pills & In Recovery

Video 8: Eye Goop & More: Ali Explains It All

Video 9: Ali Can (Almost) See Clearly Now

Video 10: Ali Has Her Stitches Removed

Video 11: Does Ali Regret Going Under the Knife?

Video 12: What You See Is What You Get

Personally I found it really refreshing to see someone in the spotlight be so open about correcting something that was off (and I love that she referred to her surgery as corrective surgery, comparing it to fixing your knee if something was off or wrong with your knee).  What did you think of Ali's vlogs?

Are you an eyelid surgery alumni?  Share your own eyelid surgery story here!

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She definately had her uppers done as well! I had mine done so I know.... I had upper & lower but done separately's decision ....
So, how do you all feel about your surgery now that you're several months post-op? I'm dying to get mine done - upper and lower. Is it what you hoped it would be?
She has a great result. Her surgeon did a great job of restoring a youthful fullness to her under eye area.
I really loved her videos and they have been my inspiration for finally doing something about my hereditary lower eye bags. I do have a question though. She did not mention that she also had her upper eyes done and from viewing her videos it sure look like she did to me. Did anyone else notice this? I'm just surprised she didn't share this information. Either way I think she's awesome for sharing her surgery and if it weren't for her video diary I would probably never have had the nerve to have the surgery. I am so thankful to her and her courage to share such a personal journey so publicly.
Yes, I would say she absolutely had her upper eyes done. You can see the incisions on her upper lids, and she looks just like I did after upper/lower bleph. If you review the photos of those who only had lower bleph, their upper lids look normal after surgery.
Hi , i thought she had upper lids done and wondered why sh e didnt say x
Hi , what happened after op are your eyes totaly covered x
sallify, not to worry. i had my upper lids done 2 weeks ago. it's still hard to tell what they will look like. i don't see a big difference. i guess there's only so much they can do. they're healed but still feel like they're not, especially when i forget and start to rub my eyes, which i have a terrible habit of doing on a regular basis. i still have a few tiny bubbles of skin along the incisions. nothing major and they seem to come and go. i haven't applied any eye make-up yet (i hardly ever wear it). my dr. said it will take a few months to settle in to what the end result will be. my surgery was done as a medical necessity to improve my vision. my excess facial skin was inherited from my mom (thanks mom). she had the same surgery. i had my surgery a week before my 60th birthday. (i don't look (even before surgery) or act 60!) when all is said and done, i'm sure there's no way i will regret having the surgery.
Thanks, alicat. I'm sure at 2 weeks your eyes are still not healed, though they may look like they are. My doctor keeps telling me that I mustn't judge the final results before the 6 month mark. (Easier said than done!) Hope you'll post updates and consider adding photos.
I am so grateful for this series! I had eyelid surgery six days ago and my experience was virtually the same, every step of the way. Today on Day 6, I am depressed, questioning my decision, my surgeon, and the outcome. Right now it looks like my bags are not only still present, but also bigger and badder than ever. So happy to see her looking good at three weeks. Thank you, Ali!