Alarplasty scar

  • lizzietran
  • 1 year ago

I had alarplasty + septorhino 5 weeks ago. what's really bothering me is the scar i have at the bottom of my nostril where the incision was made. on one side it is fine.. there is a thin pinkish line as expected, but the right side is slightly indented. 2.5 weeks ago there was a minor surface infection where it had gotten much redder and painful, with what appeared to be a small pus-filled blister. I'm not sure if this minor infection has directly resulted in this indentation? Will this indent/crease heal with time? Anyone have similar experience? thanks much appreciated

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Hi there,

I'm sorry your incision isn't healing evenly. What does your doctor say about that? If you'd like, you can post your question with a photo to the Doctor Q&A community on the site.

hi i'm trying to post questions in the doctor Q&A but they dont seem to be getting through, i dont recieve confirmation emails or anything :S