Could aggressive massage & pushing down after augmentation and not wearing a bra AT ALL for 3 months have caused bottoming out?

  • Jen i am
  • 1 year ago

In November 2012 I went in for a BA. I am 39, 5;7" and 130 lbs. I was a 34 b before I had my BA done. I got 380cc saline, moderate profile, under the muscle, incision under the breast.

My PS did not want me to wear any type of bra (after the week mark past my surgery). He also instructed me to begin the massaging techniquest. At my 2 week mark started to feel alot of pain in the incision line. So, I figured since I was massaging them it wouldn't be a big deal to push down. That was the only thing that made the pain go away. I was so enamored by the size that I didn't even notice that I had started to bottom out.

About 8 months after my BA I came across a website that talked about bottoming out and that the incision should be in the crease. My incision is definitely NOT in the crease. It's about an inch and a half above the crease and my nipples point a little bit upward. I went back to the PS and he recommended having a capsulorraphy procedure done to create an internal bra. I've also decided that my implants are too big. I'm going back into surgery on January 24, 2013 and have decided to go with silicone 275cc.