Aftercare tattoo removal using q switch laser

  • Stephie87
  • 1 year ago

I had my first session of tattoo removal yest using the q switch laser & I'm unsure of how to care for it until it heals? It's on the back of my neck which makes it very uncomfy.The treatment itself was excruciating & the rest of the day was awful. I have kept it covered & replaced the dressing once & added some bepathen nappy rash cream. Is it a good idea to keep it covered to avoid irritation from clothing & my hair cos of the area? Is it ok to sleep on my back or will the dressing stick? Help!

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The aftercare sheet provided by the clinic where I go, headed by a plastic surgeon, states that the area has to be kept slathered with antibiotic ointment (like Bacitracin) and kept bandage to protect from bumping.  The treated area should be cared for delicately for at least seven days following laser sessions.  I go through quite a lot of gauze, tape and bandages.  These can all be found in your pharmacy department at stores like Walmart and grocery stores.  The aftercare also limits the use of makeup on the area so the skin isn't disturbed.  I usually wash the area gently with mild soap on the fourth day.  You might have to change the bandage more often especially after washing your hair.  I use saran wrap on the area.  You could wrap a small towel around the bandaged area when you need to wash your hair, be gentle in the shower.  You can sleep on the bandaged area if it's not painful.  Keep moisturized, keep hydrated to prevent itch.  I hope you're feeling better. 
It's been 10 days and I'm feeling much better. The scabs are almost all gone and didn't get much itching at all. Thank you for your advice hopefully next session will be better :))