How soon after your BBL were you able to wear a bikini? Work out?

  • purpleblue
  • Chicago
  • 2 years ago

Hi lovely ladies!   My BBL surgery is approaching. In approximately one week I will hopefully be getting a rounder caboose! I am very excited! My question for you gals is 1. How long did it take for your bruising to subside where you were able to wear a bikini? 2. How many weeks did you wait until you could work out?   I plan to go on vacation 3-4 weeks after my BBL procedure. The destination setting is warm and tropical. Will 3 or 4 weeks be too soon to wear a bikini or at least a one piece and shorts to cover up any remaining bruising? Also, I have been eating like garbage since attempting to gain weight for the surgery. I am looking forward to getting back into the gym!    Thank you!!

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Hi there, I am in the exact same predicament. Looking to go on hols a couple weeks after. Were you ok wearing a bikini a couple weeks after the surgery? Any advise is greatly appreciated!
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