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After Upper Blepharoplasty - Does wearing makeup or false eyelashes, cause inflammation after 3 weeks?

  • karyn in Melbourne
  • 2 years ago

After a quite successful recovery fromUpper Blepharoplasty 3 weeks ago my eyelids seemed to be settling down, no apparent swelling or redness apart from the slight red appearance of the scar. I have quite sensitive skin and found that I started getting a reaction to the pawpaw ointment that I was told to use the 2nd week so I stopped use and started using petroleum jelly instead, which seemed to be ok. The reaction subsided. Then petroleum jelly seemed to cause a problem so I stopped that and used Bepanthen cream which at first again seemed ok and really soothed the eyelid. Recovery seemed to be going well again. Eyelids had no swelling and only the red from the scar. Was going out to dinner so I applied mineral makeup (pure minerals) and mascara and a latex glue for some eyelash extensions. The night went well no cause for alarm and no reaction. The next morning - scar was inflammed, eyelids were swelling. So stated cold compresses all day and swelling reduced but redness did not. Day after same thing, woke to swollen red eyelids. Did more cold compresses, swelling reduced red stayed. Was told to start warm compress and finally redness started reducing slowly so by Four days later the redness was going but still waking to swollen eyelids. My eyelids are dry and slightly swollen and I'm unable to use much of anything on them. It is 3 1/2 weeks since surgery. I wash them with saline each morning and then use the tiniest amount of aloevera (pure) and Vit E cream. Guessing it just takes time for the healing, and am happy with the result of the surgery. Has anyone else had a similar experience? What is the best product to use on the eyelids to keep them moist while the scar is healing? Cheers Karyn