After three month my nose started to look much worse

  • salimali
  • 2 years ago

Hey, I would like to ask doctors and rhinoplasty patients: i am 3 and half month after the nose job. when the cast went off my nose looked good. but now its all crooked and the tip is bigger and definately not was a revision rhinoplasty. but i guess its scarring. my surgeon does not admit its crooked and says everything is just fine. its not. do you think that my nose will look better? is it possible for scarring to disappear?

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Hi there! At 3 months your nose could still be pretty swollen. I think you'll have to give it some time and re-evaluate in another 6 to 12 months. It looks like you had some doctors on RealSelf answer your question about that and i hope you found it helpful!

I know patience is hard when it comes to your nose, but that's probably what is called for here.

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