After Surgery Vitamins

  • Marta4656
  • Fairborn, OH
  • 5 months ago

I was just wondering...what type of vitamins do they normally put you on after surgery?  I know that the ones that my doctor has available and NOT cheap.  Has anyone found any that work as well as the expensive ones, but cost less?  Thanks!

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I felt the ones at my surgeon's office were high also. I ordered liquid vitamins for the first three weeks post op online. They are called Wellesse. I ordered calcium & Vit D combination, and a multi vitamin. Find out from your Dr or nutritionist what values of each vitamin they want you to have and choose one that most closely matches their requirements. The liquid are not cheap, even online but were less than the surgeon's ofc. I ordered Opurity chewable vitamins and Unjury protein powder from the same site and it is more $ than some and less than some, but it is the only powder that I can take. Most of the others seem too sweet or have an after taste.
Thank you so much for the info! I will check it out.