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Nasal bones not connected, prolonged cast wear after rhinoplasty

  • penelope86f
  • Iran
  • 4 years ago

I had a rhinoplasty about 25 days ago and my nose bones don't anastomose after this period. I have had plaster on my nose for 25 days and my doctor is forcing me to keep using this plaster for 10 days more. I am despressed about it, is it normal? Will I recover again? Please answer me and I apologize for my bad english writing!

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Hi Penelope, Sometimes a nose may appear larger after rhinoplasty. Ask your surgeon if any grafts were placed in your nose. The nose may still be slightly swollen 4 weeks after surgery. I hope that your nose heals beautifully, please keep us informed. Dr. P
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Hi Penelope, It is definitely abnormal to have a cast on your nose as long as you have. If you lose trust in your rhinoplasty surgeon, seek another specialist's opinion in consultation for your piece of mind. Please keep us informed of your progress. Good luck and be well. Dr. P
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tnx for ur attention Dr.P ,I had visited by my surgeon two weeks ago ,he gave some calcium D and vitamin D3 to me and after a week he finally decided to take a cast away but my nose has swell and looks wider than before the surgery ,it is torpid and I am not definitely sure that my nasal nose get connected or not!? Is it normal to have swelled nose after a month or not? Is it normal to have a wider nose after a surgery?
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