What to do after rejected expander on one side and implant pushing through skin on the other side?

  • prjrts
  • 1 year ago

I had a double MRM and started immediate reconstruction with the expanders put in right away. I am 7 months post surgery and have ended with complete failure. I started with skin tussure dying off on the right side and tons of fluid on both sides. I rejected the expander on the right but went ahead with the implant on the left. I have now had the left push thru the skin and so it has been removed. I now have horrendous rippling and still not completely healed. I would like reconstruction but do not know if it is possible now. Has anyone else had this much trouble and still had a successful outcome 

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I am so sorry to hear what a rough road this has been for you. You have found a good place to ask this, and I'm sure as women who have experienced similar things see your post they will be happy to share with you.

Sending you a hug.