African American women who've had tummy tuck surgery

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  • 3 years ago

I'm interested to know of any other african american women on this site who've already undergone their surgery and what was your healing process like? How is your incision looking and what scar care routine you used. Our skin is so different, I think this could be a help to those visiting the site looking for answers before their surgery.

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i am 40 years old and would like to have a tummy tuck, my dilemma is who to look for and making sure the doctor will not do me wrong anyone have any tips on finding a great doctor.
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My scar is healing well and I have keloid skin. No problems so far. I'm almost 7 wks PO.
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I must say this tummy tuck business isn't for the weak, it has truly been a journey and a uphill battle but worth it. I wasn't able to stand up straight until the fifth week into my recovery time. I still don't feel 100 percent myself but as each day pass I feel better and stronger. Truth be told I feel that the recovery time is at least eight weeks. I've had 3 c- section the last one was a set of twins. I must say this tummy tuck procedure was a lot harder then all of my C-sections.
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Good morning, I am 4 weeks post op and my scar is already fading pretty fast. If you follow your doctors instructions the recovery process will be seamless. There will be pain but your pain meds will keep it manageable. My worse experience was the constipation from the percocet. My GI system is still trying to regulate itself. Also, expect to be walking hunched over for a couple of weeks. Once you are pass the 2 week mark everything will be a breeze.
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I had a Tummy tuck in 2012 with Dr. Michelle Hardaway.. And for anyone getting this surgery please note that the recovery is not a easy one, yes you will have pain but if you stay up on your pain meds everything will be just fine. And the recovery takes times if you follow your doctor instructions your healing process and recovery will be better for it, yes I do have a scar and I'm ok with that and so is my husband but with any surgery you will have a scar some are better than others.
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I am 55 yrs old, I am scheduled for a TT and lipo to the flank/back area as well on February 4th, possibly January 22nd if my physician's schedule allows.I love to travel to many islands and this is my gift to myself! I have several concerns I am nervous and excited at the same time! I would like to hear from women who have had this procedure. How is the scaring? any keloid formation? is kenalog injections used on African American women routinely or is this something I should request as a prevention for keloid to the scaring area? How long and bad was the discomfort on a scale of 1-10? When were you able to resume you normal daily activities, including being able to stand up straight? I have requested 2 weeks of work, is this long enough? How long did it take before you were able to see favorable results? Not sure if this will help but I have appointments for 8 deep message suction treatments to hopefully assist with less traumatic lipo removal of fat and am excercising daily to keep my heart strong? any knowledge or thoughts? are you still wearing compression garments? should I be using olive oil to my stomach or back pre op? I'm going to speak with my physician next week about my many questions but in addition I would like to obtain information from women who have gone through this procedure as well.
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For all of you about to go through this procedure not all people feel or look the same after these surgeries. I had no pain after and did not need any pain meds, it is 5 weeks post and there is still numbness right below my belly button. As for the scar, I am dark in complexion but the scar is looking good because I used what I've used for over 25 years, you can find it at Walmart for about $2.38, it's my miracle cream called (skin whitener - by Dr. Fred Summit), in this case I wanted to prevent scaring and pigmentation changes so I applied it on the scar and covered it with plastic, then surgical tape each day. The results are as expected "wonderful", my scar is so thin you really can't see it, plus if you scrub with a loafa, or abrasive sponge in between applications of this cream your scar will become flat! Hope this helps you out!
Thank you for the tip, I am soaking up all this knowledge. :)
I am 6 months out and I don't even bother with my scar anymore it's very dark and I have a lighter skin tone lol. The way I see it my stomach is flat and if I wear a two piece the bottom will cover the scar (it's very low) the only time it's visible is when I'm nude and Mr. could care less.... Good luck everyone!!!!
do you happen to have a pic of your scar?
I'm 4 days Post Op! So far so good!!
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That's nice to hear. Tomorrow, I go in for my pre-op. This time next week I will be lying in bed, anxious to see the final product!
Good luck!!!! I'm sure you will do fine! Just follow your ps instructions..
congrats 1dpo i am walking around but more pain today than yesterday
Hi NEWB46, I am scheduled for TT/Lipo on January 21st. Im a little nervous and emotions are all over the place but in my heart what I know that I am making the right decision for myself. Looks like your about 5 months post op. How is the journey going for you?
I am doing great!!! Maintaining my post surgery weight and just started doing ab exercises again!!! The only thing is my incision itches like crazy but it goes along with the healing process... Good luck!!
I'm scheduled for a tt on August 13th. Super excited!
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Doing great! Swelling is finally getting better.
hello new here so im excited .. my surgery is Aug 6 and im so nervous but my question for po patients is that have you had a significant amount of weight lost after your tt because i heard that you eat less and lose weight
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I may be unusual but I did not lose my appetite post-op, I actually was really hungry all the time. I desired to lose about 10 lbs , because I'm close to my goal weight already. My solution was to spread out my eating throughout the day to keep hunger under control and most importantly to make healthy choices so i wouldn't gain weight. I had a protein shake every day, lots of egg white omeletes, Greek yogurt, lean proteins and lots of fruits and veggies. Post op is not a time to restrict food intake because your body has to heal.
Sounds like my usual diet!
I hope everything went well for you today!
Hi Stone. .. how did it go
Hello ladies i'm 6 months post op. I have no regrets. My scar is lying really flat I receive kenalog injections monthly to prevent keloids. I love my results would do it again in a heartbeat!
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