Afraid thighs will look unnatural after TT

  • Hollywood119
  • 2 years ago

Hey guys - I'm considering a "mommy makeover" (implants & tummy tuck) even though I've never been a mommy - I'm a 23-year-old who's just lost 60 pounds.  I was overweight my whole life, and even though I'm young, my skin doesn't have the elasticity to overcome that kind of torture... I'm also uncomfortable about my inner thighs, but I'm really not sure I'm willing to undertake the risks the medial thigh lift brings along with it.  The surgeons I've spoken to (two thus far) think that liposuction will not help my thighs, as there is some redundant skin there.  Do you think if I go ahead with the rest of the surgery, it'll look strange that I'll still have thighs that have slight rolls/rub together/have excess skin?  I was hoping that after the surgery I might try and work on my thighs and arms some and see if I could get them to tighten up on their own.   Thanks!

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I am a mommy but I am still plus size (5'6 & 230lbs) I have one of those yucky saggy bellies and saggy boobs. I have always been thick in the thighs and in the same boat with us being Lise skin on inner thighs. So I worry about this too, especially when my jeans already for tight in the thighs. I worry the tummy tuck will make it hard to find pants that fit. However at my consult my ps said to wait and see, which is what I plan to do. He said the thighs almost never heal without complications...I don't think I want to risk it either. Not much help but wanted to let you know your not alone! Good luck!
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Welcome to RealSelf! There are definitely other women on the site getting mommy makeovers who are not mommies (you can check this thread to "meet" some of them). It's really hard to say about your thighs. Would you be trying to lose more weight from them?

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