Afraid of looking BIGGER after reduction :(

  • Shelby222
  • Kentucky
  • 2 years ago

Hi All, My reduction is scheduled for Dec. 20th. I'm 175 lbs and 5'4. Most of my weight is carried around my stomach area, however my ginormous breasts always made my stomach look MUCH smaller than what it was. I'm afraid I'm going to look disproportianate and huge when I get my reduction. Can anyone else share their experience with these fears? Or any any advice on what to do? I'm trying to lose as much weight as I can before the surgery, but I'm realistic and know I'll probably only be able to get down to 165-170 by then healthily.

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I had the exact same fear as you! I am a bit smaller at 5'3" and 130, but I'm super small framed, and every single ounce of fat on my body is in boobs or waist :( My measurements are 39 (yuck!), 32 inch band, 31 inch waist (bleh.... a 1 inch difference from the rib cage? thanks genetics...), and 38 inch hips. I told the dr I thought I wanted waist lipo too and he basically said no. He said right now the eye sees my torso as one big block, so removing weight from it through reducing my 32G's would make all the difference I needed :) I was in love with the fact that he wasn't trying to upsell me, but still a little concerned. My best friend also pointed out how much easier it would be for me to do thinks I love (running, biking, etc.) after the reduction and said she thought I would probably naturally get into better shape (with a slimmer waist hopefully) after the surgery... All that said I HAVE seen women say it made their tummy look a lot bigger on other forums, so the jury is still out for me. If you have anything like the back and neck pain I do though I have a feeling it will be worth it to you even if it DOES name your tummy appear a tiny bit bigger at first.
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