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How to afford a surgery - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany?

  • mrsbiotherm
  • 1 year ago

I never knew I had a big nose till seventh grade. I think that's probably when it all started. When it started growing out of its shape. I've never been bullied for my nose, and I do get hit on... quite a bit, actually. I am an OK-looking girl, but I think it's my personality that attracts guys.When I get to know people, they tell me they would never know that I cared as much about my nose as I did. That it was such a big problem to me. They knew it was big, but what they didn't know was how ashamed I was. I don't let people see it. When people talk about big noses, you think of noses that are bigger than normal. But I would say mine is huge. Especially for a girl. I remember one time I was at a party, and I just said something like "Oh, I got something in my eye" to my friend, as I entered the party. A guy was on his way out, and said "uh yeah, your nose". It is really, really hard for me to talk about my nose, since my complexes are so bad.  I literally freak out when people start talking noses since it is such a touchy subject for me. When I was in 11th grade I barely even dared to walk outside my house, and I was really afraid to meet new people, because of my nose. While my friends were out partying, I was sitting at home photoshopping pictures of my nose.. Yup. I have grown since that, and I love myself. I go out partying, and I get hit on quite a bit. One of my friends told me she was afraid of me meeting her boyfriend. Not because I would hit on him, but because a lot of guys get attracted to me when we start talking. Charming I guess. I dont see it myself. But still I'm struggling with my nose. It is the only thing I can honestly say I hate about myself, and I know I could be so much more confident and outgoing if it was smaller. It really often ruins my day.. I work in a clothing store, and some times I can hear other teenagers or younger girls talking and whispering about my nose as they are staring while paying.   I've heard it's hard to make big changes. I want my nose way smaller than it is. Really, really bad. Though it is expensive. And I study, don't really get much a month. How do you guys pay for it? My parents would never sponsor it. I don't know how I'm going to afford the surgery, or how to find the perfect doctor for this. I am from Norway/sweden. Would love to hear if anyone knows about some good doctors around Norway, sweden, denmark, germany that I could see. sincerely desperate girl 19!