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Affirm Multiplex work for sagging jawline?

  • 6 years ago

I am starting to get some slight sagging in my jawline. The Affirm Multiplex has been recommended to me to help with this. Does anyone have any expercience with it and know anything about it?

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Thx for the wonderful info!:)

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I've had three treatments and see very nice results. I get compliments on my skin often and although I'm nearly 40, people take me for much younger. The lines around my eyes are probably about 70% diminished and overall tone and texture has been greatly improved. I think it is probably important to have the procedure done by someone who is experienced. Although the procedure is non-ablative, youll want someone who will give you even coverage for the best results. I'm usually sunburned loooking red for about 2 days but I have a light complexion. Once I was red longer but I was dehydrated when I had the procedure. Be sure to drink lots of water for the days leading up to your treatment. This laser wavelength looks for moisture in your skin so it is important to be well hydrated. Also, the procedure is only mildly uncomfortable. You'll probably be hot like a sunburn feeling for a few hours. Hope this helps.
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Do you still show improvement with your Affirm laser treatments after 3 years?
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