Advise on TT in Turkey

  • Beebee123
  • West-midlands UK
  • 1 year ago

Hi.. I'm seeking some advice about a possible decision to have a TT in turkey with a company called comfort zone surgery.. The offer seems to good to be true. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them, good or bad reviews welcome. If all good am hoping to fly there on 9/11/12 for same.
Please help.. Below is a snip from their website..
All transfers while in Istanbul between airport, apartment, consultations and hospital
7 night’s accommodation consisting of a 1 bedroom apartment in a luxury complex with access to swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and walking areas
Full consultation with your surgeon/dentist the day prior to the operation
Pre-Operative Blood Tests
Full Examination
Your Surgery
All Medication
An Overnight Stay in the Hospital (if required/where necessary)
All Post-Operative Treatments (up to two visits to the surgeon)
Dressings & Surgical Wear (where necessary)
For £2650.00
My operating Surgeon is called Prof Dr Op Dr Ercan Demiray. There is very little info on him on Google

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Hi there! I just saw that you wrote on another ladies page that you are an RN and are thinking of only taking a week off for surgery...I don't know what kind of nurse you are but I am a nurse on a cardiac floor and I took 5 weeks off. I return to work in 5 days and I think that is the minimum time one should take off being a nurse after a mommy can read my profile if you want to get an idea.
Thank you.. I've decided not to do it.. This weekend has been an emotional 1.. Battling with my emotions as well as those of my loved 1's who are totally against it.. Main reason is that I'm 25 with no children 'yet'.. Apparently not advisable if you want children in the future.. :( .. I commend anyone who has done this as its a major life changing decision.. Thanks
Yeah I haven't had kids either, but my husband and I are pretty sure we don't want any either. I didn't tell my family members that I knew would be judgmental because I knew I was going to have my surgery either way and I didn't want any negative comments. Maybe you can have the surgery later on down the road after you decide on kids. Best wishes to you!
Thank you dear.. I would certainly love to have children.. I don't think my body is bad enough for a man to want lol.. It's all about the confidence and being able to love yourself.. I'm sure trying.. :)!
It is all about confidence and loving yourself before loving a man. Keep it up!!