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  • Pixie28
  • 2 years ago

I have surgery booked for early October, I'm so scared and having second thoughts! I keep thinking of all the bad things that could happen! From all of the stories in the paper etc. I don't have much confidence and really feel this would be the making of me. I'monly 19 but I hate my boobs in a bikini and really want to go through with it but I'm so scared and keep thinking of the bad things! Any advise anyone?

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Hi Pixie! the truth is that it is possible to have an unfavorable outcome. You need to decide if you are willing to risk it, and in my opinion come up with a game plan if something does go wrong. I hate to be the dark cloud, but it is important to become informed about ALL the risks, and be aware that it COULD happen to you.You'll have to decide if you dislike your breasts enough to take the risk. Risks are usually pretty low- there are a lot of gals very happy with their breasts and some who regret it. So, research research research! And think about it long and hard. It should not be a complusive move.
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Hi pixie how are you holding up. Any change in your feelings?
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I'm sorry you're feeling so anxious. Maybe another call to your surgeon's office is in order to put some of your fears to rest. Breast augmentation is definitely something to think about hard. It's a big deal. But remember that the newspapers only show the really awful and dramatic stuff. You'll likely never hear about the thousands upon thousands of successful breast augmentations.

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