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Need advise desperately for two problems

  • sarahhB
  • HP23 4EH
  • 3 years ago

Hi In 1991 I had emergency surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy, have had 2 c-sections in 1993 and 1996 both were big 10lb babies and after completing our family I opted for a total hysterectomy as I have polycystic ovaries and was experiencing alot of pain in 2006.  So to sum up I have 3 scars all the same area and a hysterectomy scar about an inch above the others.  I have recently managed to lose a stone in weight but have always had this horrendous overhang and my stomach muscles are shot basically because of all the surgery and pregnancies! My second (and very important problem) is that the front of my vagina called the 'pubis mons' is a very large mound like the size of half a grapefruit. Now I have always been chubby/big in this area and sorry to be so graphic but its like have two stomach's! one sits on top of the other so no air is getting into the crease. I have developed alot of brown moles where no light has got in and am having to constantly where bikini knickers which sit inside the crease and another pair of knickers over the top to support my stomach.  I have had horrendous redness but this subsides if I have super clean every day and where knickers as above. I have even had to resort to shaving the front of my vagina so that my pubic hairs dont get caught up and cause further redness. All of this has totally made me desperately depressed and tearful for a very long time, well since I gave birth to my son in 1998 and as he has autism (special needs) I have put my needs about my body to one side in order to care for him, I have well and truly neglected my needs. I am desperate for a tummy tuck and liposuction to my vagina and wondered if my GP would refer me on to an NHS consultant.  I am now getting aching nagging pains on the right side of the front of my vagina and there is like a fatty mound about 2 inches that is cold to the touch, but no hard lumps underneath.  I am so desperate to get these procedures done as because we have an autistic son money is very tight and I can't possibly go private - surely with my problems the GP will refer me?? Really appreciate some help and advise, thank you.