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I have wanted a Rhinoplasty for over 13 years. I have always felt uncomfortable with my appearance because of my nose. As I have gotten older and have had children my nose seems to have gotten bigger. In 2010 I began saving up money for the Rhinoplasty. I put every dime into my account that I earned (from a part time job I work at 4 in the morning) and that was hard for me to do. I went without a lot because I wanted this so badly. In May of this year I had found the perfect doctor, set up the consultation and finally went. I had not been so excited for something since the birth of my children. The doctor showed me what I could expect to look like afterwards. Yay! He showed me my new straight nose that was not humped and no droopiness when I smiled. Total pricetag: $9200. After my consultation,as I was walking out all I could do was cry. I began thinking of the new future I would have. I could finally have the confidence to take pictures with my kids. I would not have such anxiety about going out in public or talking to people from the sides. I would be able to wear hats and wear my hair up in a bun or whatever way I wanted. I would have the confidence to finally apply to and attend nursing school. Along with other things this was my dream, what I had always wanted.

Unfortunately, my mom ran into some hard financial times so I agreed to loan her my surgery money. As of today, she has only paid back $200. I have no credit due to the fact that I am a stay at home mom/college student and have been since I was 18 and lived with my boyfriend. I am slowly working on that with a credit card I recently got (unwillingly, I am not a fan of credit cards). After talking to the bank, to get a loan I would have to use my vehicles title and use a cosigner which is out of the question since the vehicle is not in my name and I have no one to cosign with me on it. I don't know what to do or where to go from here.

My sister in law passed away in June of this year from a head on collision with a semi. She left behind her two young children. After the accident it put into perspective for me how precious life is and that it should be lived to the fullest. I just cant seem to get over this self confidence issue and I am tired of having such anxiety about just leaving the house. It is a daily struggle for me.

If you have any advice on how you made your surgery happen or what I can do I would appreciate the feedback tremendously. Please no negative comments, this is a difficult subject for me.

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I'm sorry I'm just now finding your forum post! Have you looked into Care Credit? I'm not sure that would work for you or not, but some folks use it. That was very generous of you to loan money to your mother and I hope she's able to pay it back soon.

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Thank you. I have half approved through care credit and am looking into a loan from the bank to cover the other half. I have found a great doctor and hopefully within the next 3 months I can finally have it done. I am so excited it is now more of a reality than ever.
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