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  • mommy1820
  • arlington texas
  • 2 years ago

SO im getting a tummy tuck in 3 weeks, im very scared cause everyone keeps scaring me, saying i can die from anesthesia. I been wanting this for so long , that no one can make me back down now. Also im getting it done out of the country i have two doctors i already verified with mexican gov, that they are certified. As soon as i arrive to mexico i have an appointment with each one, any specific things i should ask for? what do i ask? I know the procedure already as i have spent 5 years looking at videos im so freaking happy yay!!! Any advice ladies, im mostly nervous about the anesthisia i have never ever had surgery in my life. Thanks in advance  

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Don't tell anyone else about it and stay away from naysayers.
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You need to connect with one of our other Tummy Tuckers named Greenblackpurple She had her surgery in Mexico and has put together a tips list on having plastic surgery out of the US.  

You will do fine:)

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