I need some advice/support!! :/

  • kkb123
  • 1 year ago

Well, to start off, I've wanted a nose job since I was 12...and now I'm 20. My nose honestly isn't THAT bad but it doesn't fit my face and has been the only source of my insecurity for years. I've finally saved up enough money but there's two big problems.. 1)My parents are making me feel extremely guilty about this. They're saying I will regret this for the rest of my life and that it's the biggest waste of money..:( I'm already nervous to get this done and I'm devastated that they won't support me and are making me even more nervous that I'll hate the results.  2) I'm not 100% about the doctor.. I live in a smallish town and he's the only facial plastic surgeon. I LOVE his before and after photos but he doesn't have the best bed side manner. (Not the friendliest but not rude either) I also felt rushed so I went back to get a 2nd consultation with him today but still feel uncertain. I can't afford to travel to Chicago to get the BEST surgeon but I really want this done. So basically I need some RealSelf advice and support. I'm so confused and depressed about this. What do you think?

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I can understand where you are coming from!! The main advice I can give you is: research research research!!! If you aren't 100% confident with the surgeon in your area - keep searching!!! You are only 20 - and you have plenty of time to really find the right surgeon to do your nose the way you want it the first time around. Trust me, I rushed into surgery with a doctor that at the time I thought was great - he has all the credentials and his before and afters seemed good. And now I am 6 months post surgery and my nose is messed up!! I now have to have it redone if I ever want it to look OK again. You have to really want to do this for YOURSELF - and although it is hard not to have the support of your family, this is YOUR nose and YOUR life. I say keep searching for doctors, and if you have to travel a bit - that's ok. Just remember that the sense of urgency you feel to finally not feel self-conscious about your nose is understandable, but once it is done, it is done and there is nothing worse than regretting choosing the wrong surgeon. Keep at it, keep looking and when you find the right doctor and it feels right in your heart and your gut - go for it!! and maybe by then your family will be more understanding and supportive of your decision. Good luck!! I hope it all works out for you!
U may want to hold off. Your family will never understand. I did not tell mine. They would freak out. If you live with them, wait till you move out so they won't find out when you do it. And consult with at least one more doctor, if for no other reason than to validate your choice.

That's a hard situation! I wonder why you're parents think you'll regret this and if they're masking their concern/fear with guilt-tripping you.

I'm a little concerned about your only having one doctor to choose from. I don't know it is, but you for sure want this done RIGHT the first time.

Make sure he can answer all of these questions to your satisfaction and, if it doesn't feel right, just wait until you can afford more consultations/to travel. I know it's hard, but believe me when I say it's better than getting a nose you don't really like.

Hang in there!