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Advice on What to Stock up on Before Liposuction?

  • NervousNancy
  • 1 year ago

I'm wondering what I should stock up on before I have liposuction on my stomach and thighs. I'm going to prepare meals in advance and freeze them. I'm also going to clean the house beforehand and do all laundry so I don't have to worry. What about draining on my sheets? Should I get cheap ones to throw out? Any other advice?

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Ace ice packs are amazing. Definitely take some kind of stool softener. I am Day 7 from lower abs, love handles, and thighs. You will feel discomfort getting in and out of bed. Take it slow. I had stitches so I didn't have drainage. Arnica Montana pellets REALLY help the bruising. I had hardly any. I took them 3 days before and have been taking them ever since. Soup and saltines are good food. Bananas too. Keep your feet elevated while you sleep to help with swelling and bruising. To be honest, the first three days are bad but after that you start to really improve. Try to get off the pain meds as soon as possible. I really started to feel better once I stopped those on Day 4. Oh, Popsicles are good too. The Dryers all Natural Strawberry. Are you local or general anesthesia? That will make a difference in how you feel as well. I was general and am pretty sore. I hear with local you are not as sore but the doctor might not be able to be as efficient. Not sure if its true. Good luck! Don't worry, you will be so happy.
I used a garbage bag under my sheets for the first two days. My doc also recommended sanitary napkins over the liposuction sites as they are more absorbent. Ginger Ale, the pain meds can cause upset stomach, light foods to eat...again, the pain meds are hard on the stomach. Also Miralax...start taking it the day of so you don't get constipated from the meds, it's HORRIBLE trying to sit on the commode trying to go after liposuction on the thighs!! Good luck!