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Advice on revision rhinoplasty

  • cmarieb
  • 10 months ago

Hi everyone, i'm new here so apologies if i've done anything wrong with how to post. Basically I had a rhinoplasty about 4 years ago, my nose was fine really, just had a slightly bulbous tip. It didn't go well and now my nostrils show too much, one shows more than the other and it is bent. But the worst thing is that the doctor seemed to have just pulled the tip in widthways, which as resulted in the bulbousness becoming vertical (if that makes sense?). There is no tip definition and it looks like there is a bulge of cartilage between my nostrils, which makes my nose look long and hooked (pic attached). I'm desperately unhappy with it but have been putting off having a revision as i'm so scared it will go wrong again. My original surgeon had good reviews and a good reputation but it still went wrong so I have no idea how to choose the surgeon for my revision. I am thinking about Dr Michael L. Schwartz or Dr Benjamin Swartout, has anyone had experience with either of these doctors? The before and after pictures on Dr Schwartz's site are great, Dr Swartout has few before and after pictures but came recommended from Dr Raj Kanodia. Can anyone help? I should mention I'm from the UK but think there seem to be few good revision rhinoplasty surgeons in the UK. 

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Thanks for your post! From this angle your nose looks pretty, but then I can't see the nostril show you're talking about. I can imagine you feeling gun shy about choosing a surgeon at this point. Dr. Schwartz's profile on RealSelf is here. Dr. Swartout doesn't appear to have a profile on RealSelf, but he is discussed within the comments of this review. I hope this helps!

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