Advice Please and Thank You

  • lexxic91808
  • Utah
  • 2 years ago

I guess I am joining this site for advice from ya'll who have had a mommy make over.
I'm 20, and I have a 16 month old baby girl. My husband wants more kids, I do not. I'm 5'4 and 140 lbs right now. Before pregnancy I was 120 lbs. I gained 100 lbs while pregnant and lost 60 lbs. I can't emotionally and mentally do that all over again. I've been on soooo many diets to try and lose the last 20 lbs but nothing works. I told my husband if I got back down to my pre pregnancy weight we could have another baby and then I would get my mommy makeover. But since I can't get back down to that weight I just want to get my surgery now. My body seriously makes me so depressed right now.

Some things I am afraid of if I get my surgery now:
1- I will end up wanting more kids ( which I doubt)
2- This surgery won't satisfy me.

Please chime in on this and give me ANY advice.