Advice - Peg Laterals - Cost and Treatment

  • PeggySue86
  • 10 months ago

I've always hated my peg lateral teeth and have been considering correcting it with Cosmetic Dentistry for years. I would like to know what you guys think I should do. Is the issue small enough for Bonding or do I need veneers? My two front teeth aren't perfect but I'm ok with that. It's really the pegs that bother me and make me self conscious. Any ideas on price? Experience, advice... anything is welcomed!

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Are they baby teeth?  I think they look nice from the front, but from the side, they leave large gaps so I get why you want them fixed.  With teeth that small, you could do something minimally invasive.  Bonding tends not to last as long, but it's cheaper.  Porcelain Veneers are supposed to last a long time (~10 years), and they could do those with barely any preparation, I'd think.  Either way, you'll need to talk to a cosmetic dentist near you.  In my (very expensive) area of California, veneers would likely run you about $4k for the two.  Just ballpark.  In some other parts of the country, you could probably get two for just over $2k.  I have no idea how much bonding is, other than less.

Good luck!
Thank you for the reply! They are not baby teeth, for the longest time I wondered and then finally asked my dentist. They are quite frustrating, and I worry that they will break one day since they are so tiny but they've held up! I live in NYC so it's quite expensive here too, so it'll probably run me about the same cost. I think I'll start consultations soon, just a little nervous :)
The cost of dental work is just so insane…expect the sticker shock.  And I'm guessing insurance won't cover it.  But if you really hate the way you look with those teeth, it's worth it, right?  You can also try posting a question to the Doctors' Q&A forum, with your picture included, and see if you get a hit.  They are pretty overworked in dental, though, so it's not guaranteed you'll get an answer. :)

Good luck!  Once you decide which procedure you'll go with, you can start a review, and we can follow your progress here :).  Now I'm curious what your final look will be.  I think your teeth are really pretty now, but like I said, I know seeing someone else's teeth and living with them yourself are not the same.  And taste is everything.  Please keep us posted!
I'll definitely keep everyone posted. Thanks a bunch!