Advice Needed on Removal and Cost in UK

  • Melissa61681
  • 1 year ago

Hi, I had implants 9 years ago when I was 20. I was originally a 32a and went to a 32d (they were supposed to be a c but were a d when finished.) After a few years they shrunk and are now a 32c. I HATE them.

Over the years they have rippled, I have lumps and I am in constant pain. Having checked with my original surgeon, I do not have PIP implants but having gone through the NHS and going to Barts hospital in london, they informed me that they are folded and have problems but have not yet ruptured. They also told me that they could be removed for free on the NHS, however my Primary Health Care Trust refuses to fund my surgery, even though I want to get them removed and do not want to get implants put back in.

Basically I wondered if anyone had any experience of this. I have appealed and they still refuse! According to my GP this is not uncommon, and my trust in London is very over used, so they often refuse to fund non life threatening surgery. If not, does anyone have any experience of me going back to my original surgeon and complaining? Have i left it too long?? Basically any help and advice appreciated! So glad i found this site, thought I was the only person feeling like this about implants and wanting them out of my body! Thanks x

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Hi, just wondering if you managed to get your implants removed?
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Hi, look at the implant removal site as there are some women (in the UK) who have managed to get their implants removed by their PS or they have just had to pay hospital fees. Worth a try. Also women from the UK who have used surgeons and recommend them. Good luck x
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Hi there,

Sorry you're so unhappy with your implants, but you're definitely not alone! There are so many women in this community who feel the same way. I don't know how it works in England, but in the US removal is not covered by insurance since it was the individual's choice to have elective surgery to place them.

I hope you're able to get financing of some sort to have them removed!

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