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  • 3 years ago

One year ago I had upper and lower bleph in Hungary, the result was a horrible ectropium at both sides. After the 2nd op I still have an extrem scleral show. My eyes are deformed,look very tired,I have constantly pains. To where, to whom should I go? England and the States are too expensive...

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Thank you Sharon, I have written to Jennie. I don't have too much hope, because he is not anymore atcive to this forumsite. Regard: Jagna
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Thank you, Sharon... Austria would be OK, but no name, no clinic - to where?

My case is unfortunately very complicated because of the bad-result skin-transplatation and the ectropium which still exists. And that es why it is urgent too. I am very deprimated.
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You can contact Jennie (the lady who had her surgery in Austria) privately and ask for the doctor's name. Here's a link to her profile, then click "Send private message."

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Hi Jagna,

Sorry to hear about your bad results from bleph surgery. I found a few RealSelfers who had relatively-inexpensive, positive experiences with European surgeons. Perhaps they'll have a doctor recommendation for you?:

Great! - Europe

Upper Eyelid Surgery Well Worth It and Value for Money (Age 41) - Austria

Good luck. :)

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You might consider Dr. Serge Morax in Paris. He is a very experienced oculoplastic surgeon with good cosmetic and reconstructive judgment.
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I am in Australia and I want Dr Serge Morax to see my daughter who has BPES. Have you any contact details for him? I have seen some of his work and it's amazing!
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hi ,
did you see the doctor you are talking about and how was the results of the surgery?

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Hi there, we have made contact with Dr Serge Morax and he is happy to operate on our daughter in 2 years time.. He is very professional and a pleasure to deal with.. We look forward to meeting him in a couple of years time.
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