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Advice from other TT re-do's

  • Persian Princess
  • Chandler AZ
  • 2 years ago

I am going to have to have my TT redone. It was done Feb 2011 with muscle plication and within 3 months I started having small "blisters" around belly button. I also started noticing hard abdominal knots underneath the skin down the midline. PS attempted to drain them but nothing came out. After several months, the knots didn't go away and I have more of them, now they aren't just down the midline. Also, PS cut the blisters out looking for sutures that my body was trying to get rid of. Sometimes we found one, most often not. Now, I am sitting here with another OPEN wound created by my PS trying to get the healing from the inside out. The only problem is I don't have any resolution yet. This is the SIXTH attempt to get the blisters to stop and to find the cause. In addition, I have the tightness and soreness from these knots all over the abdomen. In order for me to stand from a sitting position, I have to do it in "series" because of the extremely tightness and hardness of the abdomen. I am not able to do the previous exercises I did prior to this surgery. Although not a big athlete, I enjoyed an active life with my children, biking, hiking, swimming and for just me, yoga. I CANNOT DO THIS NOW. The wound cannot be exposed to bodies of water (think infection), so I sit inside and watch my children and husband play while I wait and pray for this to be over.  The suggestion is to remove all permanent ETHIBOND sutures (almost everyone has them) as I appear to be having a foriegn body reaction to them. The challenge is, my PS has never encountered this in his practice so I am a new case. I am getting a 2nd opinion from another PS on ways to proceed, if he has seen this before, if we should use another dissolveable suture material after removing all the scarring, nodules and sutures. I am not a NOVICE to surgery. This was my 5th open abdominal surgery (2 c-sec, laparotomy, hysterectomy). I had a painful scar on the c-section where the original cut was done to deliver my 10lb 11oz boy. This surgery isn't EASY and although I made it through it once, I am NOT anxious about this one. I want to be done with this, move on and have my life back. If there is ANYONE out there who has experienced anything resembling mine, would you please respond? I know I am not alone and to see people say "Oh, I am just taking tylenol and feel great" and " look at me doing tri-athlons now"  makes me feel like and isolated case and I have already cost my family over $10k just to try to help the original scar and pain. If you have had this done, please let me know how it proceeded. If you are experiencing the same thing, would you please tell me wha tyou are going through?   Thank you~