Advice for breast Surgeon in Birmingham GB

  • Maria afraid
  • 1 year ago

Can anyone advise me on a good breast surgeon Location Birmingham UK. I have had breast implants for 15 years.  One is rock hard the other I suspect is leaking. I am so afraid of a general anaesthetic because after loosing my twins with a C section, I am terrified of been put to sleep. I have developed a serious phobia. Are there any surgeons in Birmingham UK that would remove my implants perhaps without a general? Please if anyone can help I am in terrible pain but so afraid of this.

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I'm sorry you're going through this, and for the difficulty you've been through before! :(

You definitely deserve to get out of this pain. You might speak to doctors about twilight sedation, where you're not all the way put under, but are given a local and sedative.

You might also go on a few consultations with board certified plastic surgeons who can discuss with you your goals and hopefully put your mind at ease.

Please let us know how you are and what you plan to do!

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