Can I get some advice for a breast reduction?

  • breast.idea.ever
  • 2 years ago

I would really appreciate some feed back from those who are sucseesful and happy post op. I am trying to put in a claim for a reduction, I have heard they are tough sometimes (the insurence) so does anyone have any tips on how I can be sure to make this happen? thanks!

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Wow that sounds great!
Im probably not as big as you were but you know, big is big in physical complications. My insurence approved and when I see the surgeon if he says ok I get scheduled for surgery. Now that its actualy happening Im begining to get a bit scared, Ive looked up videos of the procedure and it seems quite unnerving. What was your experince like? the healing process and all?
I actually watched some videos on YouTube and they were pretty intimidating at first, but as I got more use to the idea I was glad that I had watched them and had a better idea of what to expect and questions to ask my surgeon. I had the anchor procedure. I had inquired about the lollipop, but the surgeon I chose said it was not his preferred technique and I was satisfied with the fact that he would be honest with me about that. I started as a 34H, had about a pound removed from each side and am currently about 34DD. The first day I pretty much slept the entire time. I stayed overnight in the hospital and was released the next day. Took two pain pills my first day home and then just one the following day. After that just Ibuprofen and the day after that nothing. I was more tired than anything. Didn't have real pain just an odd pressure. I slept on the couch or recliner for the first few days and then transitioned to the bed. Found that if I layed on my side and put a pillow under my abdomen that I could sleep pretty comfortably on my side and then as time went on I would wake up more on my abdomen until I was sleeping in a more natural position for me. I did have drains in the hospital, but they were removed before I went home. I did have a reaction to the Scopalomine Patch they put behind my ear to help prevent nausea. It caused blurry vision for about a week that was pretty troublesome. I was driving a week later, though I don't know if I would recommend that. I thought I was fine, but when I was balancing my checkbook the following month I found that I didn't put my entries in correctly so I probably wasn't in the best frame of mind to be operating a vehicle! Check out my review and I give pretty detailed descriptions and there are lots of pictures. Feel free to ask any questions.
I had my reduction on August 17. I have had no complications and feel great. My only issue is that even though I stressed to my doctor that I wanted to be a C-cup...and would rather be a large B than a small D...I appear to still be a DD. But even though I'm not as small as I would like, I am very glad I had it done. My back and neck no longer hurt. I can find clothes to fit me now. And I am no longer self-conscious about my figure. Good luck with the process!