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need advice about drs in los angeles

  • Lili533
  • 1 year ago

I would like to have a breast implant but I find it so confusing to find a dr. I have been looking and looking for the past month and I still do not know which doctor does an amazing job. any recommendations?

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if you are still looking, pls check out Dr.Bresnick in Encino. Amazing!!! i love my new breasts. little bruising and he is sucha nice Dr. Staff is also great. And he was so personal and listened to what i wanted. He is honest and gave me my perfect size for my body. You can also consult with Dr. Kim in Beverly hills. He does great work also.
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Thank you so much for the info. I was also looking online and I liked Dr. Mark Anton newport beach and Dr. Tim Neavin beverly hill. Did you came across these 2 names when you wanted to do you implants?
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I have not heard of either PS. Dr Shamoun is another one also in Newport I was going to see but I suggest just going to consult with all of them. Most consults are free so it won't hurt. I think when u find one u will know. I know of Dr Diaz in Beverly an some girls have gone to him. He is a jr PS Quite young. But he is a lot cheaper than most. But look into and do research on reviews on line.
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Here's a list of doctors in the L.A. area who perform breast augmentations. Also, if you go to the search bar in the upper right of your screen and type in los angeles breast implants, you should get a list of reviews and other links that may help guide you.

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