Advice about Drs in Calgary, Alberta for a TT??

  • Chopinplayer
  • Grande Prairie, BC
  • 2 years ago

I have finally decided to get a tummy tuck & I want to go & get it done in Calgary as there are no doctors in GP Alberta. My sister lives in Calgary so that makes the most sense. Can anyone tell me about doctors they went to? As well as their experiences, price etc.  I was looking into Dr. Waslen or Dr. Peter Whidden. 

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I had mine done by Paul Whidden (son of Peter). I had great results and love my TT. I did lots of research and found that I liked his belly buttons best. All the scar tissue is in the inside of the belly button so you dont see external scars. Looks more natural in my opinion. He cost just over $10'000 for just the tummy tuck but I felt it was well worth it! Feel free to ask me any questions :)