Advice about Doctors - Travelling from the Middle-East to USA

  • David30603060
  • New Paris, PA
  • 1 year ago

Hello Everyone, I'm planning on travelling from the middle east to the USA to have: Rhinoplasy Cheek implants Chin implant with submental liposuction My budget is around 14,000$ I'v talk to number of facial plastic surgeons, I don't really know someone in the USA so all the information I got was online...right now I got 3 options: Dr.Richard Galitz from Miami Dr.Michael Elam from New port beach Los Angeles Dr. Richard Flemming from Beverly Hills (Might be of my budget, but I'v wrote him anyway) All those doctors have 30+ years of experience and very good online reviews, I'd like to know what you guys think about my selections and if you can share any information, recommendations or experience you have with those Doctors or other doctors that you can recommend for me. Thanks for the helpers =)