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Advice on Complications From Tummy Tuck

  • Busybee in Baltimore
  • 1 year ago

Hi, I'm at the six month mark now and having to deal with several problems now as a result of a poor tummy tuck: 1) very hard skin (fat necrosis) right above my pubic area (believe this is from tummy lipo); 2) poor contour at each hip (dog ears); PS won't do any revisions; and 3) a very high TT scar (at BB on right side and 1" under my BB on my left side). Questions: 1) Was anyone successful in getting the hard skin taken care of by their PS/dermatologist?  How?  Were you happy with the results? 2) Were you successful at getting dog ears fixed by your PS/another PS?  Is it an in-office procedure?  I seem to have an indent at my hip from a track mark at left hip caused by bad lipo.  Can they fill that in? 3) Were you successful at getting your high TT scar moved?  Did you need to have loose skin to do this?  Do you have to go under general anesthesia again to do it? I would appreciate any information on these topics.  Thanks for your time and information.      

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