Advice on Bad Eyebrows

  • Horrible brows
  • 2 years ago

My eyebrows were done at the end of May, 2012.  The color I selected was burnt umber, yet the tech suggested she add a drop of black to the pigment since I normally tint my hair, lashes and brows black.  Well, it's been over 2 months and my brows look like I have to strip of black duct tape on them.  When I went back for the follow up visit,originally intended to implant hairstrokes, even the technician was surprised by the color.  They are also too Groucho Marx thick.  I have had to cut my hair to have heavy bangs to hide my eyebrows.  They are horrible.  The tech is offering to do corrective coloring, yet she admits she has never done it before.  Needless to to say, since she gave me, a very fair skinned person jet black color, I can't say I feel confident with her work...compounded with her lack of doing corrective work before.  I have read that laser tattoo removal works best on black pigments.  Is this an option for eyebrows?  Would laser removal damage my eyebrow hairs and prevent regrowth or cause scarring?  Is there a difference in laser types? Should I find someone else to try corrective coloring first?  If I tried corrective coloring and it did not work well, would that make laser removal more difficult, since the "corrected color" would no longer be black? Would you suggest any other treatment?  I've seen ladylana suggest rejuvi...what is that?  Please advise me or direct me to someone in my area (San Francisco) who can help.  I've been told by my friends and family that I look perpetually angry and mean.  You can understand how upsetting looking like this must be. Thanks