Need advaice on who are the top revison doctores to help with 4th revision...desperate!!!!

  • jacob5369
  • 11 months ago

I have had three surgery's so far.  My first doctor did a horrible job and later revised it and made it worse. that's when I was 29 and I am 30 now. I had 3rd revision 5 years ago and the doctor did help the look of my nose but there were problems that were beyond his capabilities. My nostrils are uneven due to uneven cartilage in my nose. My nose feels like a bumpy road when you run your finger down it. I have a bump in the middle of my nose so it turns down when I smile. The tip is bulbous and large. This is devastating as some of you know. I have done lots of research but am so confused as to who I should go to. Looking for names of the top 5 or 6 doctors experienced in complicated nose revisions. Any help is so appreciated.     .