How to address tired look?

  • mark scaveri
  • usa
  • 4 years ago

My problem is i always look tired, i have dry eyes which makes the problem worse ,i want a treatment or surgery which will give me a more fresh faced look, i would prefer a non surgical treatment, i do not have any wrinkles but i have uneven complexion. thank you for your help.

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A photo would be great. "tired look" of eyes can mean several things 1. Droopy eyes 2. Excess eyelid skin 3. Wrinkles in eyelid 4. Pouching or puffiness of eyelids 5. Dark circles under eyes Without a photo it is hard to determine.
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Hi Mark, It would be helpful to see photos to better recommend treatment for you, but it sounds as if Fraxel repair or a series of Fraxel restore Dual treatments would help you achieve your goals of non-surgical rejuvenation. Sculptra may also be helpful based upon what is causing your to appear tired. Dr. P
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