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Considering adding Zerona to my practice and need feedback

  • Dr. P
  • Encino, CA
  • 5 years ago

Please share your experience either as a patient who has had the treatment, or as a physician who uses Zerona.

I am interested in Zerona technology for the treatment of fat. The claims of the company and some early user physicians is that patients are losing 4 to 6 inches from their waist, hips, and thighs after a series of 6 treatments over two weeks. No pain or discomfort. No side effects. Sounds too good to be true.

Before bringing any new technology into my practice I try to learn as much about the clinical aspects of the treatment, including most importantly patient satisfaction and safety. I highly value my reputation and only wish to use techniques that have high patient satisfaction rates, and result in happy outcomes.

Thank you.

Dr. P

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i lost 16 inches in a canadain clinic they were amazing treatment was so relaxing they had mini trampolines i did for 5mins, i send everyone i know to them. Canada has different guidlines i noticed in my research, they have what they called advance protocols, i put a 2 piece bathing suit on for the first time this year. the treatments are amazing search the canadian site they are amazing
I ran a Zerona clinic found it an utter rip off. The laser works fro some and not ofr others the price of treatment and the cost of the lser is too high. In order to make a profit you have to sell sell sell so it is not worth the time or the results at all!
I had the Zerona Laser at Dr. Tripp's office. I lost nothing even though they kept telling me I did. I was on a diet andf would measure myself after each visit and there was no change. They would measure me and tell me I lost 1 inch, 2 inches 1/2 inch. At my last session they immediately asked me to do a testimonial with inches that I did not lose.

I feel the whole thing is a scam!
I tried the Zerona and followed the detox diet and have always been a person who watches what they eat; lots of fruits, vegies, and little meat. I drink somewhat and too much here and there. I had relatively no results with this Zerona lazer for fat removal. I am average weight for my height and have a 3-4 inch stomach of fat I wanted to lose and it did nothing. The doctor gave me over 12 sessions, first 3 I paid $2400. and the rest were free because it was not working. We did 3-4 massages and then he tried a different setting and the vibrator machine for 3 times and still nothing. FYI, unless you live the diet lifestyle it likely will not work and maybe not even then.
I agree. I paid $1850.00 for 6 sessions and got one free because I found out there tape measures were off.

They offered nothing else. I was on a diet and fast and lost 5 pounds and 4 inches because of that, even though they were claiming the laser took away 7 1/2.

Simply not true.!!!
I have had the Zerona Laser in my office since December 2008. We have had absolutely amazing results with it. I have spoken to a few offices who did not have "great" results. Usually these offices were the ones that did not recommend making some minor lifestyle and treatment changes What you need to do is: 1. Make sure that the patient has a decent diet. Mostly meat and veggies - normal stuff. 2. The patient should drink plenty of water through the day. (64 ounces is a minimum.) 3. The patient should take Niacin tablets 2-3 per day 4. Massage should be done to the area that has been lasered. The fat is softened and is eliminate through natrual bodily function. If the patient has slow waste removal they will get slow results. So gently massage the area and "squeeze" the fat out so you can process and eliminate it properly. We have someone in office that does this. 5. We also use whole body vibration. The patient should do at least a small amount of regular exercise to increase circulation and elimination of fat. Going for a walk at home etc would also be a good way to increase results. If you are doing what you need to lose weight and add the Zerona the results are absolutely amazing. If you are cheating - the results will be bad. There are a few thing that would tell me that the person would not be a good candidate for the laser treatments. 1. If the person is actively gaining weight. You need to find out what the person is doing to gain weight. If they dont change or fix that .... nothing will help them lose weight. 2. We offer one free treatment. If the person loses at least 1/2" in their one hour treatment there are allowed to continue with the laser treatments. If they do not lose at least 1/2" in the very first one hour treatment ... we do not allow them to continue with treatment. For our office we measure before and after treatment. If the patient loses fat inches on the very first treatment we know that they are a good candidate. If they do not lose at least half an inch we do not allow them to continue on with treaments. I believe that it may work but we are not willing to risk our reputation or the patients time, energy and or money. MIRACULOUS RESULTS! The results have been nothing short of miraculous! We (and our patients) are very happy with the Zerona Laser.
Can you please tell me how you do the "whole body vibration?" Also, how long do you massage the area for and do you massage immediately after each laser treatment? Finally, do you use compression garments? Thanks!
Hi Dr. Tripp, Thank you very much for your reply. I value your "pearls", please contact me with any other advice that you feel will help patients. Thanks again. Dr. Persky
I use a Turbosonic whole body vibration. This instrument uses sound waves to vibrate your body. Because is uses sound waves it is very smooth. I have a staff person use a massage tool and massage the problem area 10 minutes during the laser treatmetn on each side. 1/2 the time they are on the laser. I have not started using compresion garments. However, based on the research that I have seen I believe they would be very helpful. I will be testing this with patients soon.