Addicted to Invisalign?

  • ikeiil
  • 2 years ago

I just received my 2nd set of the retainers and my dentist told me I can go to only wearing them at night. Problem is, I think I'm addicted to them. I've tried going hours without wearing them but my silly brain can't do it. I almost feel my teeth moving out of place, like a cartoon. anyone else addicted to their retainer?

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I wore my trays for 16 months. I don't think it's that my teeth aren't ready for night time wear, I think my OCD takes over. Once I find comfort in something, I get so used to it that it's hard for change. I know I will be fine, I'm doing it little by little and spending a hours without them in. I will work my way there slowly but surely.

ikeiil, wanted to check in and see how you are doing with your trays. Have you been able to go to just night wear and feel comfortable with that, or are you still preferring full-time wear?


You were probably in your trays for quite a long time, so you are probably used to having them in now. Just as it probably took you a little while (maybe a couple weeks) to get used to having them in, now it sounds like you will have to go through the adjustment period of not having them in. If your dentist is recommending nightly wear, then they feel your teeth are ready for that stage without concern of shifting. That being said, it wouldn't hurt to express your concern to them. Do you think your teeth aren't ready for that stage yet, but maybe you will feel they are ready in a few more months, or do you feel like you will never feel like they are ok to go without the trays without risk of movement?