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  • newyear44
  • California City, CA
  • 2 years ago

Hi,   This place is a great site for learning and sharing experiences, I thought a tip/pointers (get the joke! :p) forum would be helpful Add any thing you have found helpful!   One thing I found was someone had made a slushy ice pack for icing after Rhinoplasty. Mix one part water and one part alcohol in double bagged sealed glad bags. make a couple so you can alternate. The alcohol will not freeze so it will become slushy (but super cold) and mold easily to your face Also there are some full face ice/cooling masks I saw on ebay. I might get one! also add throat lozenges to your shopping list (for sore throat after surgery and breathing through mouth) and vasaline for dry lips Dark colored pillow-incase of blood  the neti pot! Google it, it looks crazy but really good to clean out your nose    

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I second that! I read it on someones blog. She was also a nurse and It was quite awhile after her surgery but she still felt congested.
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Great idea for a post!

Neti-pots will clean out your sinuses, but I was say to check with your surgeon on that one before you do it.

Love the slushy ice pack!!

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