acne scar treatment

  • claudio11
  • 10 months ago

Aftereffect of a long period of acne kiss; a collagene collapse over chin area. In the 1990th i had collagene injection treatment,but it was a very short lasting benefit. Which one would be the most appropriate choise: Juvederm ultra plus "Voluma"-AH-,no permanant injectable product, metabolize by body inside 12-18 month. Or "Artecoll" (molecular composite based on collagene implant injectable); semi permanant injectable product, metabolize Inside 6-8 years. As a matter of fact, juvederm cost is $600 by seringue/by trreatment/by period of effect benefit. How about Artecoll price ?. If there is a person who's try one of these treatment, let me know your mind. thanks. Claudio11.