acne scar treatment

  • claudio11
  • 9 months ago

Aftereffect of a long period of acne kiss; a collagene collapse over chin area. In the 1990th i had collagene injection treatment,but it was a very short lasting benefit. Which one would be the most appropriate choise: Juvederm ultra plus "Voluma"-AH-,no permanant injectable product, metabolize by body inside 12-18 month. Or "Artecoll" (molecular composite based on collagene implant injectable); semi permanant injectable product, metabolize Inside 6-8 years. As a matter of fact, juvederm cost is $600 by seringue/by trreatment/by period of effect benefit. How about Artecoll price ?. If there is a person who's try one of these treatment, let me know your mind. thanks. Claudio11.

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I haven't tried Artecoll but some people have had problems with it, according to the reviews here on RS. I would avoid any permanent filler in your face. From what I've read, Voluma is injected deep into the tissue but is used for volumizing the soft tissue rather than providing more structure. Radiesse is often used for the chin area as that is more structure and it is injected deep usually. So it could fill out loose skin potentially.
Here is a link to average Artecoll prices (it is called Artefill in the US).  Hope that helps!